Item #: 1418
Make: Athletica
Model: Aluminum 6A
Date Available: March 2023
Cosmetic Condition: Good
Operating Conditions: Good
Warranty: No
In Use Presently: Yes

175’ x 75’ x 20′

  • Supported Tempered Glass 6’ high x 5/8” on ends of rink
  • Supported Tempered Glass 4′ high x 1/2″ on sides of the rink
  • 4 – Player Gates
  • 2 – Penalty Gates
  • 3 – Access Gate
  • 1 – 10’ equipment Gate in end/radius panels.
  • 1/2” Red Caprail
  • 1/2” Yellow Kickplate
  • 3 – Player Access gates. Two in radius and one in straight.
  • Drawings are available
  • We (Becker Arena Products) manufacture hockey boards and can quote modifications to this set.
  • Save money by buying used / pre-owned rink dasher board
  • Does not include flooring/coaches walk ways in players & penalty boxes.

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