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Guidelines for Buyers

Buying through Rink Equipment Resource (RER) is reasonably simple.

  • First locate the item you are interested in on our web site and send us your information through the automated systemon the Buy Equipment page (or simply call us with the item number).
  • We will contact the seller to obtain any further information you need or to place an offer.
  • When an offer is accepted and the price agreed, a seller/buyer agreement will be sent to you. You will at that time sign and return the agreement along with the payment which will be placed inour Customer Trust Account.
  • While the payment is clearing the bank the seller will be sent the seller/buyer agreement to sign and return. The seller will at this time prepare the item for shipment.
  • RER will notify you when the item has shipped and supply you with the shipping information including the expected arrival date and tracking number.
  • Within 24 hours after the item is delivered to you payment will be sent to the Seller.


Payment can be made by:

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card for purchases under $5000
  • Electronic Wire


The cost for shipping, unless agreed otherwise, will be at (the buyers)your expense and will be included in the item payment. The responsibility for packaging and setting up the shipping carrier is the Seller responsibility. Shipment setup is done through RER.

You will be informed when the item has been picked up and also be provided with the carrier name, phone number and tracking number. Items will only be shipped to the address listed on the agreement.

Upon receipt of shipment, please examine the packaging carefully to see whether or not the package has been opened or damaged. If there is any damage it must be noted on the shipper’s bill of lading. The shipping company must be informed immediately and a claim filed. Your contract is your Invoice (Claim amount) needed to file your claim. It might be useful to save the packaging materials and take photographs of the damage. Please notify the seller and RER immediately if this occurs. We will be willing to assist you in any way possible.

Selling through Rink Equipment Resource (RER) is reasonably simple.

  • You simply provide RER with a description, price and photograph of the item you wish to sell. This can be done through our on-line Sell Your Equipment page.
  • We contact you to gather any further information and to answer any questions.
  • We agree on the commission structure and length of commitment and forward you a Sales Agent Agreement.
  • Upon return of that agreement your item is published on our web site.
  • When we have an interested party we contact you to confirm it is still for sale. We may at this time ask any questions raised or pass on any offers made by the Potential Buyer.
  • When the Potential Buyer is satisfied and the price is agreed, a seller/buyer agreement is sent to the buyer. The buyer is asked to return the signed agreement along with the payment which will be deposited in the Customer Trust Account.
  • While the payment is clearing the bank you will be sent the seller/buyer contract to sign and return. You should be preparing the item for shipment at this time. RER can assist with this process see Added Services.
  • RER will notify you when it is ok to ship.
  • Within 24 hours after the item is received by the buyer you will be sent payment less any commission, bank charges, taxes, shipping and Added Services or other costs directly incurred by RER for that particular transaction.

Listing an Item

No item will be accepted for sale unless the Seller accepts the Sales Agency Agreement.

Please describe your equipment for sale in detail and as accurately and honestly as possible.

Picture Formats

Pictures need to be in jpeg format at 72dpi resolution (Low), at 600 pixels wide.You can upload your pictures through the Item to Sell Form. These will be displayed on the web site. The photograph should be an original of the actual item and you should own the copyright. So as not to infringe copyright or misrepresent the equipment it should not be copied from a leaflet or catalog, magazine, web site, or other published material.

We will contact you if we feel more information would be needed to sell your item.

Shipping and Packaging

The cost for shipping, unless you agree otherwise, will be at the Buyer’s expense and will be included in the item payment. The responsibility for packaging and setting up the shipper is your responsibility. Shipping must be via a reputable carrier and unless otherwise agreed must provide on-line tracking facilities and tracking number must be forwarded to both the buyer and RER. All items must be fully insured during transit.

You will provide the weight and physical dimensions of the item to be shipped so that shipping costs can be calculated and quoted to Potential Buyer. If the item being shipped are in more than one package the number of packages with their individual weights and dimensions must be made known to RER. Be aware, if you should underestimate the weight of the item this may incur extra shipping cost in which you will not be reimbursed.

You want to be sure you do a good job of packaging because should the item be damaged in transit because of improper packaging you will be liable to either pay for reasonable repairs or accept its return and pay for the cost of shipping both ways.

If the damage is caused by the shipper at no fault of the packaging a claim must be filed with the carrier. This is the responsibility of the buyer (receiver of the item)

In the unlikely event that the item was not insured for shipping the Seller will bear any cost due to the damage or loss of the item.

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Machine Rigging & Transportation

RER will contract out all rigging and transportation services to an insured and bonded specialist if required as an added service.